Drink Coffee and Really, Truly Enjoy It

Kyocera’s Coffee Mill with an Adjustable Ceramic Grinder

You drink coffee daily.  Perhaps, even multiple times a day.  It has a place in your day, thanks to its purpose – its function, as a drug.  But do you enjoy your coffee?  Does it taste good?  Take some time to prepare it well, and soon you’ll be talking about coffee the way sommeliers talk about wine.

The first step any budding coffee connoisseur must take in making the best cup of coffee they’ve ever had is properly grinding their own beans.  The universally-revered best method to grind your own coffee at home is with a ceramic manual grinder, and this is for a couple of major reasons.  First, manual grinders allow for minute and exact grind control.  An even grind is as important for coffee as it is for cooking: you can ensure all of the pieces in the grind are heated and soaked evenly.  Second, advanced ceramic is second in hardness only to diamond, so it will never dull and imparts absolutely no flavor to whatever food you prepare with it.  Match your perfect grind with a French press, or a pour-over drip coffee filter, and you’ve got yourself a nutty, rich, complex cup of coffee.

Ceramic grinders will last a lifetime, and currently we are carrying one of the most popular ceramic manual grinders available, by Kyocera!  Check out this great deal over in our Kyocera Advanced Ceramics event.


by Nick “The Guy With the French Press On His Desk” Fasso

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