Design Tips: Given Campbell’s Wallpaper

Gone are the days of your grandmother’s dowdy florals or childish depictions of bears in circus garb. Now available in modern patterns and eye-popping graphics, wallpaper is having a resurgence thanks to designers like Given Campbell. Her line of chic and colorful wallpapers has earned features in a ton of design glossies and blogs and we’re proud to announce that you can shop them in the Yard this week! Although we love the idea of wallpaper on four walls for instant, room-transforming drama, you can incorporate this trend in a more non-committal way with these tips!

One-Wall Wonder


Rather than covering all four walls,  create a focal point in your space by hanging colorful wallpaper on ONE wall. This works well for framing a bed, fireplace or a vignette displayed on a credenza or table as seen above. Plus, the cheery yellow really pops against the stark white walls and gives this corner some personality.

With All The Trimmings


Try using wallpaper as a trim or divide the space in half, placing the paper above the tile as seen in this bathroom. Again, the lively chartreuse pattern brings color into the small space, making it feel more boutique and less bland. Experiment with this technique in your living room or dining room, placing the wallpaper above the chair rail for instant style.

Chic Shelving

Image                            Image

Hanging wallpaper behind a shelving unit is another chic way to style a space – whether it’s a dining room or a closet! We love the pattern play in the first image – the wallpaper’s muted hue sets the stage for brighter accessories allowing them to shine. The second image is a fun option for a children’s room or even a hall closet. The bright blue pattern peeks out from behind the clothes and shelves, revealing a more interesting, magazine-worthy space!

Follow the link below to shop Given Campbell’s hand-printed wallpapers on LuxeYard!

All images from Given Campbell’s portfolio on

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