Trendsetter Q&A: Given Campbell

When it comes to our newest trendsetter, we’re huge fans! Adorned in whimsical motifs and bold colors, there isn’t a wallpaper by Given Campbell that we don’t love. And lucky for us, we had a chance to sit down with her to see where she gathers design inspiration and what it means for her to be a LuxeYard Trendsetter.

Images counter clockwise: Looks from Alexander McQueens a/w 2010 RTW collection, Florence Broadhurst by Helen O’Neill, kate spade new york Florence Broadhurst Japanese Floral Pillow, Valentino Studded Cap Toe Suede Pumps, Ian Shrager for the Gramercy Park Hotel, Red Valentino Ultimate Shift Dress in Leopard Print, Accent chair inspired by a Danish design from LuxeYard and the Jalandhar Rug in Medium Gold from LuxeYard.

Tell us what your biggest style influences are.

I have what most people would consider to be a contradiction when it comes to style influences. I love the over the top designs of Alexander McQueen and Ian Schrager, the timeless beauty and streamlined elegance of Valentino and Eileen Fisher, and the fearlessness of Florence Broadhurst. I also love Japanese, Danish and Argetinian design. However, when you look across all of these (seemingly) disparate design styles, the common thread is that they are all clean and precise in their execution. Even the most elaborate designs like Ian Schrager’s Gramercy Park Hotel or Alexander McQueen’s Dress from the autumn/winter 2010 collection shows a calculated logic to the design. There is nothing there that should not be and I love that. This is what inspires me most.

 Do you plan your interiors or your personal style around a single item? 

Not necessarily a single item but there is definitely a common thread to the things I buy. I always gravitate to clean lines with a bold feel. I don’t like things that are fussy but I always want to make a statement.

 What’s the most difficult thing to shop for? 

Clothes, definitely. I have always wished I could sew because I have a really hard time finding clothes I love. I don’t consider myself to be a trendy person, I love things that are classic and timeless and when I do find clothes I love I keep them for a long time. I tried to learn to sew once, but it was a major fail. The first (and only) thing I ever made was a shirt and I remember being so excited to wear it. When I tried it on, one sleeve was higher than the other and the hem was lopsided. Needless to say I went back to shopping for my clothes.

 Where do you draw design inspiration from? 

I find inspiration everywhere. I am always striving to challenge myself with every new design I do and I always love the idea of creating something I never created before. I am very much a conceptual designer so I usually come up with a theme for a collection first and then work out what designs will be part of it. I find inspiration things like fairy tales, food, nature, and religion, as well as other artists like Dali, Chihuly, Picasso, Goya, Caravaggio, Vermeer and Durer.

What item can you not live without? 

My Mac laptop.

 What does being named our Trendsetter mean to you? 

It means everything. It means that all my hard work is paying off and that the old adage “the harder I work, the luckier I get” really is true.

 What are your future plans? 

I love creating wallpaper and I will always introduce more wallpaper lines. In the future, I plan to create some very elaborate wallpaper designs, experimenting with printing techniques, special materials and inks. I would also love to create a line of small run decorative ceramic tiles as well as fabrics.

 Any advice for other aspiring Trendsetters from the LuxeYard community? 

Keep doing what you’re doing. Design for yourself and don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. If someone tells you no, use that as fuel to prove them wrong. “No” never means “no” forever, it just means “no” for right now. Art and design are so subjective that the word “no” almost becomes irrelevant because you just have to knock on enough doors to get a yes. Good luck!

 Who is your favorite interior and or fashion designer and why?

I love love love Ian Schrager. He is a fearless designer but he is always so deliberate and calculated and he puts everything together so effortlessly. It seems so over the top but when you really look at the design itself, he never goes too far. It is always planned out to the nth degree and has a very specific structure to the design. The other thing I love is that each hotel and project is designed specifically for that project. He doesn’t just spin out the same design for each project. He takes everything about the project into consideration and designs accordingly, some projects are more restrained and others are more exuberant but they all have their own flavor and feel.

 How do you describe the LuxeYard brand to your friends and family.

I call it a one-stop shop for every designer item you could ever need at unreal prices. Usually you spend so much time running around to find what you want that you feel wiped out and no matter how much you try, you never seem to find everything you want. With LuxeYard, the thing you spend the most time finding is the cream for your coffee in the fridge before you turn on your computer.

Thank you, Given! And to all our members, don’t forget to check out her picks and her line of wallpapers on LuxeYard!

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