Trendsetter Q&A: Shauna Bass

From top right clockwise: interior by Kishani Perera, Thakoon Striped Swing Tank, artwork by Philippe Noyer, Chinese Laundry Heels, J Brand Mid-Rise Skinnies, Marc by Marc Jacobs Aviator Sunglasses, Swimmers Pillow from LuxeYard, Courtship Pillow from LuxeYard, and Poligoni Pillow from LuxeYard.

Director of Entertainment at OK! Magazine, Shauna Bass is an entertainment industry veteran whose lifestyle, beauty and fashion advice has appeared in magazines and television. We sat down with this pop-culture maven and found out a little bit about her favorite brands, inspiration and more!

Tell us what your biggest style influences are.
You can take the girl out of Malibu but you can’t take the Malibu out of the girl because no matter where I am in the world my go to basic California girl uniform that works on any coast is skinny jeans, a bright top and sky high heels.  I work with celebrities every day, getting to do photo shoots, interviews and first looks at their fashion and beauty lines and that really gives me an appreciation for personal style. I love Nicole Richie’s boho chic vibe, Ashley Tisdale’s West Coast rocker look and Lauren Conrad’s polished California look (as well as her line Paper Crown is a personal favorite) but my style icon hands down has to be Charlize Theron.  The Dior spokesman is one of the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, I love her hair, her makeup, her clothes, everything about her!

Do you plan your interiors or your personal style around a single item?        If I had to pick one thing to build my rooms around it would be artwork.  I have these two vintage prints that I inherited from my Daddy, both by my favorite artist Philippe Noyer. One of the prints is called “The Lady and the Peke” and evokes old Hollywood Glam style and the other is more of a vintage pastels palette.  I think artwork really makes a pop whether it’s a painting or by framing personal photos of you and your friends. For personal style, I normally start with jeans or a dress and then I go from there, dressing it up or down. I like to layer a lot so most of my wardrobe is year round accessible.
What’s the most difficult thing to shop for?
Like most women I’d have to say jeans!  The cut, fit and color can make you look  10 pounds thinner and chic but the wrong fit… well you get the idea!  I love to experiment and try new designers but I do have my staple of favorites that I constantly wear: J Brand, Black Orchid (surprisingly affordable without sacrificing fit or look), Dylan George (best ripped jeans I’ve ever owned!), Habitual, Henry & Belle, Cult of Individuality, Siwy, and DL1961 is great because the stretch doesn’t get too big after one wear!

Where do you draw design inspiration from?                                                                                                                                                   No matter how digital the world has become I’m a magazine editor at heart and I love the feel of flipping through magazine pages.  My friends make fun of me because at any given time I will have a few hundred magazines at the apartment!  I also draw inspiration from where I am in the world. I’m constantly on the go so I tailor my inspiration to be appropriate to where I am and what I’m doing but I think it’s important to keep a sense of who you are.

What item can you not live without?
My sunglasses!  Marc Jacobs aviator’s are my go to – I must have replaced the brown and rose gold pair at least 10 times by now. But lip gloss comes in a close second. I don’t like to wear a lot of makeup when I’m not working, so throw on a pair of sunglasses, some lip gloss and you’re out the door!

What does being named our Trendsetter mean to you?                                             I find it flattering to be called a Trendsetter. I’ve recently lost 119 lbs, so I’ve really taken a lot of time to learn (and re-learn) what does (and doesn’t) work for me and I’m just starting to decorate my first grown up apartment without everything being from IKEA or a catalogue. To me being a trendsetter means creating your own unique sense of style and not being afraid to try something at least once.

What are your future plans?                                                                                          Right now in my life the sky is the limit.  I’ve got an amazing job, being the entertainment director for OK! Magazine has given me such amazing stories that I’ll have with me the rest of my life. I just got a new puppy Pomeranian – Bailey Fitzgerald Bass (F. Scott Fitzgerald is my favorite author) so it should be fun to try and train him and take him globetrotting with me.  I am determined to finish decorating my apartment. I enlisted my friend Justin Klosky’s company, O.C.D. Experience, to come help me organize my closets as my 30th birthday gift to myself (with a few trips to the Container Store I’m sure)! And I want to go on a real vacation, something that involves a beach and limited cell phone reception.

Any advice for other aspiring Trendsetters from the LuxeYard community? Be true to yourself and what works for you.  Don’t be afraid to try risks, I have a rule that if I talk about something for long enough, I either have to just get it/do it or shut up about it.  That goes for life, fashion and just about everything else.  My other advice is to follow your heart and do what you love without worrying about what others may say, think or do.

Who is your favorite interior and or fashion designer and why?
I just moved into my “dream apartment” in New York so I’ve been really into interior design lately.  I love to look at vintage design stores, make jpgs of rooms or design ideas and I’m always bouncing ideas off my friend, former bachelorette and ABC Home Makeover, Jillian Harris. She has a great design aesthetic and can really bring out the best in any space as well as be cost conscious and make things look like you invested thousands on them!  I check her site, all the time! My other favorite designer is Kishani Perera who just came out with a book “Vintage Remix”.  I adore the palettes she uses. She’s really mastered the gray color schemes and her blog always has fun new ideas to recreate.  For fashion designers, BCBG Max Azria is my go to designer. I always know their clothes will fit off the rack without any alterations, perfect for a last minute event or taping.

How do you describe the LuxeYard brand to your friends and family?      Luxe  [e-retail] shopping open 24/7 without the sticker shock price tag.  A one-stop shop place to get designer clothes, sunglasses, shoes for both guys and girls – as well as a great niche for home goods.  They have an amazing assortment of pillows, clocks, kitchen wares and outdoor goods.  It’s one of those sites where you want to get something the minute you fall in love with the item because you don’t want it to sell out – trust me it’s happened a few times!

Thanks, Shauna! Check out Shauna’s picks from our site. You won’t be disappointed – she has fabulous taste!

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