In the Clear

They may be see-through, but these “ghost chairs” certainly don’t go unnoticed. Practically designed, these chairs are transparent and lightweight, not to mention incredibly durable. Even better, they come in a variety of tempting iterations from traditional to contemporary. Ultra-modern styles look sleek and futuristic, preventing décor from looking too one-dimensional. Then there are the traditional interpretations – Louis chairs that represent the intersection of Baroque and modern design, a blend that’s intriguing, versatile, and incredibly stylish.

|Contemporary silhouettes are easily stowed, creating the illusion of more space|

|Tinted versions add a subtle pop of color|

|These chairs enhance the airy, open quality of this kitchen and keep it looking modern |

|Clear chairs feel less obtrusive in smaller, more compact spaces like a breakfast nook |

Love what you see? Would you give these see-through styles a spin in your own home?

Click the images below to see product details.

Photos via The House HomeHouse TalknDecor Pad, and Better Homes and Gardens

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