Four Ways to Style a Stool

Though Liliputian in size, stools possess tons of design versatility. They come in countless colors and styles to suit just about any space. Not to mention they’re lightweight and small enough to move around at a moment’s notice – great for those us who like to rearrange on a whim!

We have a few metallic versions under $90 (here, herehere, here and here) and figured we’d show you how to make the most of these little guys. Read on for four ways to style ’em!

1. As an alternative to a coffee table: Side by side, stools are a funky alternative to the traditional coffee table. If you’re short on space, or tend not to accessorize your coffee tables with books or other accents, stools are a great way of creating a unique focal point in a living room.

2. As an eye-catching end table: Instead of a regular ol’ end table, try using a stool as a perch for a small lamp or decorative accent. They’re unexpected and in funky colors, they can add just the right pop of color or shine.

3. As in-a-pinch seating: We love the idea of stowing a couple of stools under a console as a decorative element. Not only do they look incredibly chic, but they’re poised and ready to become occasional seating should guests drop by.

4. In the shower: Instead of cluttering your countertops, keep bath essentials dry on a handy stool placed outside a tub or shower. Just make sure you choose a glazed ceramic option as they stand up better to warmer, more humid environments.

Are you digging this does-it-all furnishing? How would you style yours?

Photos via Carolina Style MagMoS Marketplace,  Interior Domain, House to Home, and House and Home,

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